Gauge 1, G3 , G, & 16mm










We have a New Compact Radio Control

Hopefully ready for Demo April.

Also a new 3 Aspect Signal

(Come and have a look at Stafford )

Complete with Remote Switch

Battery Operated

These signals have been imported from USA and the bulbs replaced with the latest

Multi Chip Technology 10mm LED's

Giving amazing brightness even when the Sun Shines

Just add batteries and Switch On !

Signals come with 2 meters (6ft) cable

Signals with a Longer Cable length can be made to measure at £1 meter extra,

for collection at the shows.

Popular with the two Aspect (Red/Green) was two lights controlled from same switch

giving GREEN on one light. RED on opposite light.

These can be made to Order.

I will have an Automatic I.R. Sensor controlled version at Peterborough.


Special Offers from the

Bachmann Master Range



If you have never seen the "SPECTRUM" Range it is well worth a Look, incredible detail amazing looks

Please email me if you wish to see photo's, or arrange a Demo.

This Model Normally Retails at £833.00 without Radio Control or sound.

OFFER IS COMPLETE WITH R.C. receiver and SOUND. Batteries fitted Ready to run


(We only have the above Full Radio Control Model left in Stock)

Full 12 mths Warranty.

Cash Price Collected from T&M Models

Could Arrange delivery or meet within 25mls at Cost.

3 Truck Shay "SOLD OUT"

That is the Un-Modified Version £395


£390.00 As it comes out of the Box

before Radio/Sound Conversion!


The Incredible Spectrum Mallet

Baldwin 2-6-6-2 Articulated

Retailing in UK & £915.00


£450.00 As it comes out of the Box

Before Radio/Sound Conversion

This Model Normally Retails at £915.00 without Radio Control or sound.

As well as the Standard £450 model, we have the following offer

OFFER IS COMPLETE WITH R.C. receiver and SOUND. Batteries fitted Ready to run



For 2014 I am going to speacialize on Radio Controlled Battery Powered Loco's

I am therefore selling at half price a Locolinc 17amp track powered system,

with walk about Radio control , for only £250, Connects directly to the track

(with a bonus receiver, if you decide to run one of your Loco's off a battery)

Some dealers are charging more for just a 15amp power supply !

This is a complete system that will run your loco's straight from the box.

Look at: KAP300 + KT-02 + 2amp receiver

Got to be a Bargain ! ? ? ?

Like more info ? Contact:


New Buildings !

Station and Street Lighting

Two & Three Aspect Signals, Pre-Wired, Ready to Switch On.

We are also hoping to have Automated Switching of Signal Lights.

How about when your 'Grandson' goes through a RED light ?

Local Alarm goes off ! ! Fun for the Kids ! Or your visiting Friend

They will also be Pre-Wired, to make life easy !

"Just add batteries and turn on"

Would you like to Drive your Loco's as though you were in the Cab ?

Without worrying about dirty track ?

Whether it would stop whilst crossing points ?

When friends come around, will your prize Loco

start without an embarrassing 'Push'

With Battery Power, It Will ALWAYS Start!

Seriously think about battery Radio Control

Modern Batteries will last up to half a day

and are easily re-charged

A modern Radio Control System

Transmitter & Receiver with Speed Control

Start at only £59 Plus Batteries


If you are running a few Loco's

Please have a look at the Radio Control Section

Revolution System might seem expensive,

but consider it can control 50 Loco's

with the bonus of superb built in Sound

with lots of amazing functions.


We Specialise in the supply & installation

Of Quality Radio Control Systems

as a Qualified Electronics Engineer

I hope to be able to answer any of your questions and help you decide the best operating system for you.


We have been supplying and installing systems since 2005,

The advent of 2.4gig and modern Batteries, means you 'Drive' the Loco not the Track

Battery Power lets you control as many Loco's at any time on the same track.

We have Standard and Tailor Made Radio Control Packages for You to Choose From.

These include a choice of sound systems, if required.

Please Visit the Radio Control Section.

T & M Models

T&M Models was established in 2005, and growing up in the Railway Town of 'Crewe' Cheshire

I suppose explains my passion for Railways.

Designing and manufacturing scale model buildings. Using the latest
Quality Resins is challenging but fun.

Qualifying as an Electronics Engineer, in Radio Communications (Courtesy of the Royal Air Force)
the interest in Radio Control has always been there, along with most things Electrical,
Lighting and Signaling Systems.

Below are some photos of our products.

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