Have some Great New Items !

Signal Lights & Point Control.

Have a look at: www.dcconcepts.com (look at levers )

These lovely point levers sold very well at the show.

The manufacturers in Australia promise that these levers will operate

'ANY' electric point motor on the Market. NEARLY TRUE ! to operate LGB points

would require an Extra switch, operating switch and then the lever to change direction.

T&M Models have devised a module that means the only action required is the 'lever'

We hope to have these excellent levers listed soon.


I believe Radio Controlled Battery Power

Is The ONLY way for realistic Control

You will be able to decide yourself.

A chance for you to drive the Loco

Not The Track !



Of Your Loco's

From a single Loco Operation

to the

Fabulous Crest Revolution '50' Loco System


We Specialise in the supply & installation of Quality Radio Control Systems

as a Qualified Electronics Engineer Specialising in Radio Communications

I hope to be able to answer any of your questions and help you decide the best operating system

We have been supplying and installing systems since 2005,

The advent of 2.4gig and modern Batteries, means you 'Drive' the Loco not the Track

Battery Power lets you control many Loco's at any time on the same track.

We have Standard and Tailor Made Radio Control Packages for You to Choose From.

These include a choice of sound systems, if required.

Please Visit the Radio Control Section.

T & M Models

T&M Models was established in 2005, and growing up in the Railway Town of 'Crewe' Cheshire

I suppose explains my passion for Railways.

Designing and manufacturing scale model buildings. Using the latest
Quality Resins is challenging but fun.

Qualifying as an Electronics Engineer, in Radio Communications (Courtesy of the Royal Air Force)
the interest in Radio Control has always been there, along with most things Electrical,
Lighting and Signaling Systems.

Below are some photos of our products.


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